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~ Meet Jenna ~

I am thankful to be able to genuinely say that I absolutely love what I do for a living.  It wasn't at all what I expected or planned, but I am so glad the Lord redirected my steps to offer this therapy for those who need it, and create this business platform.

The concept for this therapy and business started in prayer, specifically asking God what His calling for my life was when I was 17. One day, my mom took my sister and I to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum from the 1995 bombing. A mural inside the museum displayed the building wall crumbling down on top of victims from the bombing, and first responders rushing to their aid. As I stood there, impacted by the scene, a fire was kindled  - a strong desire and passion - to help people whose lives reflected that building wall - broken, crumbling down around them, needing immediate help. 

A few years later, as I was finishing up school with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology (emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy), and a minor in Nutrition, I discovered that the Lord was redirecting my steps to get Licensed as a Massage Therapist and certified as a Personal Trainer. Again, at the end of the 9 months of massage school (where I was also helping to create curriculum, working as a receptionist, and teaching stretch classes), the Lord redirected my steps to start this business. This was actually something I had told the Lord I would never do, but He was faithful to put people around me to encourage, mentor, and to help me get started. I even crossed paths with a missionary from Ethiopia who encouraged me not to be afraid to be myself around clients, which, for me, included praying over clients for their healing. I saw marked improvements in clients healing when I made this change.

Healing Room - resting corner.jpg

After some time gaining experience as a therapist, taking classes, and networking with other health practitioners, I realized that the Lord had given me an affinity for working with those clients who had been through something traumatic, had multiple or complicated symptoms, and were desperate to find healing. They might have tried both western medicine and eastern medicine in various capacities, multiple forms of therapy, without seeing the healing that they were craving. With the Lord's help, I was able to help them have the breakthrough they needed to have hope for healing.

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