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Helping people's bodies heal & be made whole


Postural Integration session

The original. Fully-clothed massage session that includes movement therapy on the table. Aligns posture, alleviates symptoms, and helps all parts of the body work together. For all ages - infants to elderly (amount of time varies for age). Includes diaphragmatic breathing technique and use of 1-3 essential oils and Avazzia device if needed.

Time: 60-min massage

Price: $95

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Raindrop Technique session

Including use of 9 different Young Living essential oils, plus carrier oil. This feels like a relaxing, de-stressing session, yet it is intensely focused on healing the body from deep-seated or stubborn issues. Especially recommended for those with severe back pain, autoimmune disorders or are otherwise immunocompromised, and those with brain-body connection issues.

Time: 90-min

Price: $135

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Trauma Recovery session

Prayer-filled session with a prayer partner sitting in on session. Includes techniques from postural session and use of oils and techniques from raindrop session. Individualized for each person. Consultation recommended beforehand. Mostly for those who need help healing from trauma (e.g., injuries from something like a car accident, miscarriage, satanic ritual abuse, sexual assault, PTSD, etc.). Will also leave with a personalized letter with verses and words from the Lord to you revealed in the session, written down by prayer partner.

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